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Eye Balm


Specifications of Eye Balm
  • ML 30 ML
  • Remarks Extra Smooth Eye Care To Meet The Highest Demands.
  • Application Apply to the affected eye area several times a day after cleansing.
Product Details

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About Eye Balm

Extra smooth eye care to meet the highest demands. An excellent combination of selected oils and plant-based active ingredients cares for the delicate, fragile skin around the eyes, and should give this area new firmness and vitality.

Avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, rice germ oil, shea butter and plant-based squalanes form the basis of the product.

High and low molecular hyaluronic acid should infuse the skin with moisture. A complex made from hyaluronic acid, barley extract and glycosphingolipids that has moisturising properties. Through innovative technology, the moisture is locked into the skin for several hours.

Wrinkles can be visibly reduced and pores made smaller. Constant application can turn this short-term effect into a long-term effect. The skin appears firmer and more even.

Peptides can reduce bags under the eyes, promote the natural enzymes that boost the firmness of the eye area and strengthen the capillaries. Blood pigments that are responsible for dark circles around the eyes and local puffiness are neutralised. Liposome-encapsulated vitamin complex ACE is effective against oxidative stress and can prevent premature ageing. Through encapsulation, the vitamins are transported into the lower layers of the skin, which increases their bioavailability.

Oat peptides and silk protein regulate the natural moisture balance of the skin and form a fine protective film.The extract of common horsetail has anti-irritant, astringent and re-mineralising properties.

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