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Night Cream


Specifications of Night Cream
  • ML 50 ML
  • Remarks Restructuring and nourishing cream regenerates the skin during the night.
  • Application Apply to the face and neck in the evening after cleansing.
Product Details

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About Night Cream

The restructuring and nourishing care product for regeneration of the skin during the night contains highly-effective active ingredients and moisturisers. The skin can relax, and there should be a noticeable improvement in well-being and appearance.

Selected oils form the basis of the product: jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, evening primrose oil, non-saponifiable olive oil, shea butter and plant-based squalanes. Low molecular hyaluronic acid should infuse the skin with moisture and store it over a longer period of time. The skin will look plumper and more moisturised, the complexion youthful and fresh.

A complex made from hyaluronic acid, barley extract and glycosphingolipids that has moisturising properties. Through innovative technology, the moisture is locked into the skin for several hours, wrinkles can be visibly reduced and pores made smaller. Constant application can turn this short-term effect into a long-term effect. The skin appears firmer and more even.

An extensive active ingredient complex made from a combination of amino acids, free radical catchers and peptides that has moisturising properties. It contains a range of free radical catchers that can reduce the effects of premature ageing of the skin. Cell metabolism is activated and stimulates important cell functions.

The complex of ginseng and Gynostemmapentaphyllum extract protects the cells from oxidative damage, reduces swellings and provides the cells with the right amount of oxygen.

An antioxidant complex made from wheat protein, ceramides, squalanes and phytosterolsthat can ensure activation of skin stem cells, cell regeneration, revitalisation and balance of the skin. Vitamin E as an antioxidant and free radical catcher improves the surface moisture of the skin.

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