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Legendary Beauty With The Power Of Snowlage

Researchers have succeeded in making a breakthrough discovery in skin care. Human skin can be rejuvenated and regenerated with a particularly precious extract that is obtainedfrom snow algae. Snow algae is native to extreme glacier areas. Thanks to an effective and unique protective mechanism, it is able to defy even the most adverse environmental conditions. Stress factors make the algae turn “pink”.

We attach great importance to the quality of our products. Effective and valuable ingredients combined with rare ingredients. Our belief of nature and fascination with high-tech has shown the best results. All of our products are dermatologically tested. Lamerce products are designed and manufactured in Germany.


The plant is grown in modern laboratories and purposefully moved in its protective mode. This is the only way to isolate and extract the precious, highly-regenerative active ingredient from the snow algae.With their skin rejuvenating effect, the care products by the luxury brand LAMERCE get right to the heart of the ageing process. They activate the rejuvenation process of the skin, protect collagen fibres and support the elasticity of the skin.


With Us Begin Pure Luxury...

Snow algae increases the activity of the skin cells, prevents damage from UV radiation and will impress you with its high anti-oxidant potential. This rejuvenating effect is intensified by anti-ageing peptides that support the skin’s own repair processes and should slow down the skin’s ageing process. The Klotho gene (so-called gene of life) is only activated in this protective condition and protects against the external stress factors that cause the skin to age prematurely.

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